332/2 Guidelines for Welding of PVC-U Profiles for Windows and Doors (pdf)

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Author: BPF Windows Group

Publisher: The British Plastics Federation | Year: 2003

Welding is a convenient, long established method for joining PVC-U profiles. It is an integral part of the process used in the manufacture of PVC-U windows and doors.The purpose of these guidelines is to state the requirements and recommendations to be met in order to obtain satisfactory welds. It is intended to be used as a practical guide by fabricators.When new or refurbished welding machines are being commissioned, the machinery suppliers may have their won set-up procedures. The procedures set out in these guidelines are when no other suitable guidelines are available. This document has been prepared using information from a variety of sources which represent the best of current manufacturing experience and academic expertise. Special acknowledgement is given to the work originating from Arbeitgcmeinschaft Industrieller Forschungvereingung e.V., Cologne, and the German Association for Welding Technology (draft guideline DVS 2207, part 25, October 1989). Compliance with these guidelines does not of itself confer immunity from legal obligations, and so this document cannot be used in legal disputes.Health and safety requirements are not included in this document. Advice on such requirements should be obtained from a recognised, qualified source.